SLP Caseload Management Software

All-in-one collaboration platform for SLPs & SLPAs to track student progress, automate paperwork and streamline IEPs.

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Minimize your paperwork to make your student succeed

Personalized Dashboard

Simplify caseload management by viewing and
managing all your sessions, students, meetings,
and tasks in one unified space. Organize your
schedule effortlessly and add session notes
with just a few intuitive clicks.

Automated Progress Monitoring

Monitor your students' progress accurately and effortlessly
with automated charts and  real-time updates based
on student performance. Analyze the insights to ensure
successful interventions and teaching strategies.

SLP & SLPA Collaboration

Work hand-in-hand with your SLPA to develop personalized goals, collect data, and update progress in real-time. Provide valuable feedback, tailor intervention and teaching strategies, and collaborate on improving student success.


Automate caseload management

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Realtime Progress Charts

Gain access to individual progress charts for each goal, offering valuable insights that you can analyze or share directly with families.

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Personalized Dashboard

SLPs and SLPAs benefit from personalized dashboards, providing a comprehensive view of their caseloads, schedules, and daily tasks.

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Automated reports

Progress reports are automatically generated for each goal based on completed sessions and data collected. Gain access to accurate reflections of student advancement.

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Present Levels

Leverage built-in present level templates or utilize AI-generated present levels, which are intelligently crafted based on session notes, progress, and the unique goals of each student.

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HIPAA & FERPA Compliance

Access Control

Access controls are utilized to limit information access to only authorized parties. Users assigned permissions based on their roles, which helps prevent sharing of information between parties.

Data Encryption

All ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) is encrypted before being transmitted. Sensitive data is encrypted by incorporating SSL and HTTPS protocols.

Data Storage and MFA/2FA

Data is stored securely by applying industry-approved encryption using AES and RSA algorithms with strong keys. Multi-Factor (MFA) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is used to verify an individual’s identity.

Audit Logs

The audit logs are established to monitor and track access to PHI. Audit logs track both authorized and unauthorized access to PHI, ensuring confidentiality, security and integrity of student information.

How it works

Create an account as easy as 1, 2, 3

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1. Create your  

Sign up to create your account and get access to the goal bank, progress charts,  scheduling and session notes. Begin your journey towards effortless IEP management.

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2. Set up your

Easily set up your caseload and add
S.M.A.R.T. goals. Manage and upload
your caseload hassle-free.

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3. Track progress & collaborate

Effortlessly gather data and record session notes with just a couple of clicks. Simplify the process, allowing yourself to focus on what really matters - the student's progress.


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"It remarkably cuts down the time I spent buried in paperwork, enabling me to dedicate more of my day to student engagement and teaching. It truly transforms my work experience by shifting my focus from documentation to students."

"iSpeax truly excels in the field of student management systems. It effectively frees up hours previously lost to paperwork, allowing me to devote more energy and focus on students. It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer, shifting my priorities from paperwork to my students' needs and achievements."

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