Built specifically for SLPs and SLPAs. Designed to increase students' progress while saving time on paperwork and IEP management

Student Progress

All-in-one platform for student success

Student Profiles

Easily navigate through an intuitive and user-friendly interface to access essential student information, from goals and session notes to scheduling, present levels, and IEP due dates, enabling effective caseload management.

Progress Charts

Gain access to individual progress charts for each goal, delivering comprehensive insights that help to build a holistic snapshot of student progress. Utilize the data to get an overview of the student's strengths and areas for improvement.

Goal Banks

Craft personalized goals utilizing our expansive discipline-specific goal banks tailored to cater to each individual need. Simplify SMART goal creation, ensuring distinct and personalized objectives for each student.


Automated paperwork for work-life balance

Automated Session Notes

Experience an efficient and instant session note submission. The software generates notes based on pre-designed templates that align seamlessly with individual goals. Significantly reduce your paperwork load and free up to 95% of your time usually spent on SOAP notes and other documentation.

Advanced Scheduling

Take advantage of an effortless scheduling to easily manage your caseload and eliminate the paperwork burden. Schedule sessions, IEP meetings, reminders and daily tasks. Efficiently organize your day and access your personalized dashboard to manage sessions, students and daily tasks.

Accurate Present Levels

Construct robust present levels seamlessly aligned with students' goals. Build your present levels using an intelligently pre-populated template to highlight students' strengths and weaknesses. With a customizable template, tailor the information to mirror each student's performance accurately.


Collaborate with SLPAs, teachers and parents

#1 Tool for SLPs and SLPAs

Work hand-in-hand with your SLPA to develop personalized goals, collect data, and update progress in real time. Provide valuable feedback, tailor intervention, and teaching strategies, and collaborate on improving student success.

Family Engagement

Share the student's progress with the family. Collaborate with the parent to develop functional goals that make the student succeed.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

Work together with the teacher, parents and other disciplines to gain valuable insights into student's needs and academic performance.

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