Can Speech Therapy Software Reduce Stress and Save Time?

Automation Software to Reduce Stress and Save Time

Can Speech Therapy Software Reduce Stress and Save Time?

4 Benefits of Switching to Paperless: Can Speech Therapy Software Reduce Stress and Save Time?

When it comes to documents and paperwork, many  SLPs, SLPAs, and organizations have recently decided that paperless is the way to go, and for a good reason!

Paperless documentation and paperless data collection, have recently begun gaining popularity because many people are seeing the value they offer compared to traditional hard copy methods. Progress reports, goals, and IEP-related paperwork planning doesn’t have to be time-consuming. This is especially true in speech and language pathology, but not many speech therapy software is pre-equipped with this option.

For starters, paperless methods offer speech therapists and speech therapy assistants much less hassle when having to deal with IEPs, progress reports, and data collection, making it easily accessible and safer compared to any traditional hazards. Digital methods have also proven time and time again to be invaluable in medical industries all over the world.

Speech therapy EMR systems have made the ease of accessing client records and therapy sessions extraordinarily easy, and EMR for speech therapists, as well as speech therapy documentation software, plays an integral part in advancing speech therapy practices and documentation as a whole, making therapy far more effective.

Speech therapy billing software has also been able to save time. Without having a printing and scanning system to constantly keep up with, many speech-language pathologists have been able to keep their time under better management and complete their goals far more efficiently. Aside from the time that digital documentation has been able to save, it has also saved many therapists from the headache of having to manually collect data, search for data, or even automate the data.

As if the stress and time were not enough reasons to switch to digital, it has also been shown to save therapists more money than they initially realized. To begin, a printing machine would be needed, and many of those often cost hundreds of dollars! Then, there are the constant expenses of both paper and ink, though it is worth noting that these things can vary in cost to you, your practice, or your school depending on how often you intend to print.

In the end,  SLPs and SLPAs can save hundreds of dollars per year and, more importantly, the most valuable time! After all, is said and done, anyone should be keeping their documentation paperless, automated, and organized.